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Watch RISE UP for 48 hours exclusively on United Reggae.

From 23 July to July 25 2011, United Reggae invites you to watch the documentary Rise Up (stories from Jamaica's music underground) live on this page for free.

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Get the movie now! You can buy the original 90 minute theatrical version NOW, before its official release, exclusively on United Reggae.

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People in USA can also download the movie on itunes ($14.99)

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RiseUp's soundtrack is now available for download on AmazonMp3.


"A compellingly drawn look at Jamaica's rich musical terrain."

Bilboard Magazine

"The Rise Of A New Classic....The most important film on Jamaican culture Since 1972's cult-classic The Harder They Come."

The jamaican observer

"A culture lesson."

NBC, Miami

"Director Luciano Blotta has done an excellent job, skillfully placing his camera as a fly-on-the-wall in some of the moments that make the film special."

Barbara Blake Hannah, United Reggae

Rise Up, a documentary on the Jamaican underground music scene, has toured festivals and special events around the world screening in over 25 countries and winning awards such as the AFI/DISCOVERY SILVERDOCS Best Music Documentary Award. It has also been broadcast in U.S. TV earlier this year. But we thought that this great documentary deserved a wider audience so that everyone could be able to watch it.

That's why United Reggae teamed with RiseUp Entertainment to show you the TV version of the movie (60 min) for free over 48 hours and also give you the opportunity to BUY the original 90 minute theatrical version, before its official release, exclusively on United Reggae...

The screening is now over. Thanks for watching the movie.

What you can do now ?

You can get the full length DVD exclusively on this page or get the soundtrack from Amazon or Itunes.


There is a place on earth where music is not just entertainment, it's a way of life. Far from the tourist resorts, RiseUp travels to the heart of contemporary Jamaica and its flourishing underground music scene.

On an island where reggae is considered the voice of the people and an outlet for survival, three aspiring artists - Turbulence (a charismatic lyrical master from the ghetto), Ice Anastasia (the privileged uptown artist), and Kemoy (a shy angelic songstress from the country) - seek to "rise up" into the legendary eminence of their iconic predecessors. Deep in the ghettos where reggae was born, music continues to be a key form of expression for ghetto youths, who still face crippling inequalities, poverty, and violence.

The award-winning film combines interviews with local underground musicians and Jamaica's music elite, with an energetic and inspiring soundtrack that gives life to an entire nation. RiseUp is a celebration of struggle and the elevation of the human spirit, a testimonial of what hope and courage can achieve in a land which is largely unseen, but certainly not unsung.

Welcome to the Jamaican underground music scene.

Director: Luciano Blotta

Producers: Luciano Blotta, Darrin Holender


  • Turbulence
  • Kemoy Reid
  • Juss Ice
  • Ice Anastacia
  • Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar
  • Toots Hibbert
  • Robbie Shakespeare
  • Lee Perry
  • Bunny Goodison


  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry
  • Sly & Robbie
  • Sizzla
  • Alpha Blondy
  • Richie Spice
  • Tanya Stephens
  • Daddigon
  • Turbulence
  • Chuck Fenda
  • Midnite
  • and many other notable artists.


  • Brushy One String

  • Ice Anastacia Group

  • Luciano & Kids

  • Ras Haile Malekot

  • Kemoy Reid  w/ Sister

  • Kemoy Reid

  • Turbulence

  • Turbulence - "Notorious"